Renske de Wolf YA Author

  • Renske announced for Erasmuscon 2024
    For the first time in 51 years, Eurocon, the European hotel convention for fantasy, science fiction, and horror, will be held in the Netherlands. A unique event which will take place in the heart of Rotterdam. That’s why this 51st edition of Eurocon is called “Erasmuscon”, and has chosen the theme “A Bridge Between”. The… Read more: Renske announced for Erasmuscon 2024


The Crowfield Chronicles can also be purchased at all Dutch and Belgian bookstores, as well as in some of Galway’s finest bookstores.

Check the following bookstores for special price deals:

Amsterdam – The American Book Center
Eindhoven – Boekhandel Van Piere
Geldrop – Boekhandel Van Grinsven
Heerlen – Boekhandel Dominicanen
Leidschendam – The American Book Center
Maastricht – Boekhandel Dominicanen
The Hague – The American Book Center

Galway – Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop
Galway – Dubray Books