The Crowfield Chronicles I: The King of Wolves

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There are three things you need to know about Rinna.

Firstly, she has been raised to fear Elmentants.
Secondly, her family, who rule over the eight clans of Nortland, has spent centuries burning all possible Elmentants in wicker cages, even girls as young as four years old.
And thirdly, she has every reason to believe she is an Elmentant herself.
How else could she explain her dream of the lonely warrior who gets captured in Crowfield Forest?

But Elmentants are dangerous creatures who are not to be trusted. Everyone knows that. And besides, her country is ravaged by civil war. There are more important things to worry about than whether she may or may not have forbidden powers.

As time passes by, Rinna finds herself torn by two choices. Will she do her duty as the King’s daughter and make her family proud, or will she take the leap and discover who she really is?

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25 reviews for The Crowfield Chronicles I: The King of Wolves

  1. Wouter Adams

    Just breath taking, extremely well done. I’m still speechless

  2. Monica G

    What. A. Ride.
    Seriously, this was an emotional rollercoaster. The ending just blew me away. Could not stop reading and now I need everybody else to read this so I can finally talk about this book!
    Also published this review on Goodreads.

  3. Erik

    Logic takes you from A to B
    Fantasy will take you everywhere.
    Compliments!! Renske took me everywhere last weeks. Great story, thanks!
    I look forward to her next story

  4. Mical

    I really loved the book. The story captivated me from the first page till the last page and i couldn’t wait the find how the story would end.

    For me this fact is a clear signal a book is really well written and enjoyable for lots of books don’t have this effect.

  5. Philippe

    That feeling when you start to care whether ‘some fictional character’ is going to die or not…

    You have succeeded in getting me fully immersed into the characters and storyline!

    Readers, get ready for some (bloody) plot twists, and of course the sequel…

  6. Erwin

    One of the best, if not the best Fantasy Book. Really loved it from the moment I picked it up. Well written, fantastic characters. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Well done Renske.

  7. GK

    My son got this book as a present. I picked it up to read a bit to get an idea of what is this book about and … an hour and several tens of pages later, I concluded that I will read it first and then my son, hehe 🙂 Nicely written and engaging story!

  8. Carlijn

    I couldn’t put this book down. I love Rinna’s story and can’t wait for the sequel. I definitely recommend this book!

  9. Emma

    I am inspired by Rinna. She is so self-confident, brave and intelligent. I love the story

  10. Chris

    I love it. Well written, full of rich vocabulary and an engaging story. Perfect!

  11. Laura (verified owner)

    I don’t usually read fantasy books, but I loved it. I couldn’t stop reading it 🙂 I am willing to read the Crowfield chronicle II

  12. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Hou van dit boek! Vanaf het begin nam het me mee in het verhaal, prachtig en duidelijk beschreven met alle facetten vanuit het leven gegrepen omgezet in een magische wereld! Aanrader!!! Ook om er een verfilming van te maken😀🫶🏻

  13. Millie

    I got this book as a Christmas present and once I started reading I just didn’t want to put it down. I thought it was really well written and I was really absorbed by it. I also thought Rinna was a very relatable character. I hope there will be a second book soon!

  14. Emily van Uden

    What a great experience!! I am not a big fan of fantasy books but there are some exceptions. The King of Wolves is definitely one of them, I can’t stop thinking about Rinna and how the story will move on. Totally recommend it and really looking forward for the sequel.

  15. Stephan van Mierlo

    There are so many poorly written filler fantasy stories out there … and this certainly isn’t one of them! What a debut. I skeptically started this one, and about a chapter later I was hooked. The story is clever as is its main hero. The English is very good, funny and sharp. The use of magic is intriguing and the love stories are not as sugary as one sees in many YA novels. One of the best I’ve read in years. I cannot wait for the second part!

  16. Marc van Schaars

    Loved it! I understand why the genre is called Young Adult, but that doesn’t mean the story line won’t catch adults too. Enjoyed entering this impressive, immersive world, getting to know the various characters and accompanying Rinna on her journey. Can’t wait for part 2!

  17. Nina

    Fantastic book, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it! Really looking forward to #2

  18. Yenthe

    I loved It! Loved the story and all the characters. Can’t want for book number 2

  19. Lisa

    One of the best fantasy books!

  20. Maraisa Silva

    Do you know those books that you start reading and simply can’t stop because every page gets more and more interesting? Well, this book is one of them. Excellent story, detailed in a meticulous way, attracting the reader’s attention at every moment. I highly recommend reading! Already looking forward to book number 2.

  21. Fleur

    Absolutely loved the story and characters. Would definitely recommend this one to fantasy book lovers – or any book lovers 😉

  22. B

    Very well written, I loved it so much. One of the best fantasy books since Harry Potter for me!

  23. Marie

    Absolutely loved this book. Well written, great characters, and satisfying ending.

  24. Anton hebe

    I read it in one shot
    I love the book
    I was really surprised

  25. Frank

    I love this book and story

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