Renske announced for Erasmuscon 2024

For the first time in 51 years, Eurocon, the European hotel convention for fantasy, science fiction, and horror, will be held in the Netherlands. A unique event which will take place in the heart of Rotterdam. That’s why this 51st edition of Eurocon is called “Erasmuscon”, and has chosen the theme “A Bridge Between”.

The Postillion WTC Convention Center will be the command center (or bridge) of the convention from the 16th till the 19th of August 2024. The harbour, the bridges, the futuristic skyline, the international allure – what city better suited than Rotterdam to house the European fantasy, science fiction, and horror convention of the year?

A Bridge Between… What?

Books and games. Films and comics. Science and Fantasy. AI and Science Fiction. ‘Young Adults’ and regular adults. Star Trek and Star Wars. Acting and writing. Painting and drawing manga.

There will be workshops and panels, such as ‘Publishing Across Borders’, ‘Shared Universe’ and ‘Navigating the Line between Archaeological Reality and Imagination’.


Renske will be present on all days of the convention. Sunday 18th of August will be marked as a Young Adult day, and so Renske will give a workshop that day and participate in a panel! The programme is not final yet, but you can find the latest information on